Deezer #Vineception. 10 days, 10 Vines, 1 Vine series!

deezer vineception

How do you listen? Share your experience of music in 6 seconds!

Everyone has their own relationship to music. You might listen on the bus, in the park messing about with your friends, or in the shower duetting with your favourite artists. However you listen to music, tell the world in a Vine video for the chance to win unlimited music on Deezer.

Simply create a Vine video about your experience of listening to music, tag it with #MyVineception and @Deezer, and post it on Twitter for the world to enjoy. The more fun and quirky the better. We’ll display all entries on our #Vineception page so you’ll get tonnes of glory, and the ten best videos will win a 6 month Deezer Premium+ subscription!

To get you in the zone, we’ve hooked up with 10 Vine superstars to produce videos inspired by Deezer. We will release a new episode every day from 15th to 24th April on the #Vineception page here and on Vine. Look (or listen) carefully to spot something we’ve hidden in each video! Tell us what you think the hidden #Vineception is in the video comments.

Vine megastar Jerome Jarre kicks off the Vine series!

10 Vine Superstars taking up the Deezer #Vineception challenge:
Jérôme Jarre (@jeromejarre on Twitter)
Rudy Mancuso (@RudyMANCUSO on Twitter)
Meagan Cignoli (@MeaganCignoli on Twitter)
Ian Padgham (@origiful on Twitter)
Kefera Buchmann (@Kefera on Twitter)
Yves Das (@YvesDas on Twitter)
Gwyn Brigman (@GwynAB on Twitter)
Willy Sam (@wouilisam on Twitter)
Two new Viners will be revealed during the campaign

“Vine is an exciting way for people to communicate or create, and from time to time offers the perfect opportunity for brands to get involved in the mix. This short and cyclic format of videos is a great way to interact with Deezer and will hopefully get Viners sharing their musical experiences in a creative, simple and fun format.” Explains Pierre Laromiguière, armstrong President.

“Deezer loves everything digital, so we are excited about seeing our Viners interpretation of the benefits of our service. The concept of Vineception is a playful one, where Viners can let their imaginations run wild, and Deezer will add some surprises along the way.” Romain Amblard, Head of Brand communication, Deezer.

Make sure your masterpiece is tagged with the hashtag #MyVineception and @Deezer. Good luck!

Music on your mobile for everyone and a new desktop app

Amazing news! We’ve made Deezer on your mobile available for everyone, no matter which subscription plan you’re on. Today we’re releasing a range of smart new features that provide personalised music discovery across all your devices.

Flow takes your existing music library and combines it with your past streams, for non-stop music tailored just for you! Simply go to your Hear This page, click on the Flow button, and and enjoy sit-back music discovery.


The new Playlist Radio expands your own playlists with a little help from the Editors. Whether it’s a workout or wind-down set, we’ll add tracks we think will work. While Discovery users will see a Playlist Radio button on the playlist page, Premium+ users will see a Shuffle Play button which works exactly the same, except you can skip tracks as many times as you like.

And if you want to enjoy music from a particular artist without any listening limits, play an Artist Radio from your chosen artist page. Whether that’s the entire Spice Girls back catalogue is your own business, and no, we won’t judge you for it.

We have also updated our radio section with advanced search features and hundreds of new music genres to choose from, as well as the possibility to explore music by geographical region.

The best bit? There’s no time restrictions for the above features, so you can listen for as long as you want.

pr-dzrformac_en_640x300 (1)

In addition, today sees the launch of the new beta version of Deezer for Mac which, for the first time, allows you to seamlessly merge your existing music collection with your Deezer library. All those music files you have painstakingly downloaded or burned over the years can finally join the rest of your music library on Deezer. No matter the file format, you’ll have all your music in one place, and can take it everywhere on your mobile or tablet. It’s super streamlined, it looks good, it works.

Deezer founder and CTO, Daniel Marhely said: “Innovating to push boundaries is part of our DNA, and our focus right now is on offering an intensely personal music experience for each and every one of our users. With Flow and the new mobile radio features, anyone will be able to discover great new music on their mobile, completely free from any limitations.

“Meanwhile, our new Deezer for Mac is beautifully simple to use and allows anyone to unify the music collections they’ve painstakingly collected over the years, with music they’re streaming from Deezer. Today’s launch of Deezer for Mac will, I hope, help transition the streaming stalwarts and get them to try our service because when they do, we know they’ll get hooked.”

So, jump in and have a play with our new features and sign up to be a beta tester for Deezer for Mac here.


Samsung customers enjoy Deezer Premium+ for free


Looking for a new smartphone? If you’re a music fan, look no further. With Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 smartphone, you’ll get six months of Deezer’s Premium+ entirely for free.

You’ll enjoy enhanced audio quality (up to 320kbps) and personalised music recommendations from our very own team of Editors. The best bit? No ads, no limits, just uninterrupted access to all the music you love.

Lee Epting, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Media Solution Center Europe said: “This is a significant partnership for Samsung, signaling our commitment to securing the best possible content for our customers. The digital music market is evolving at a phenomenal pace, with people placing less importance on physical ownership and caring more about the availability of music and its accessibility. Our partnership with Deezer offers consumers instant access to a rich and diverse catalogue of content that can be streamed over Samsung’s growing range of connected devices.”

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Samsung and we’re big admirers of the Galaxy S5, which boasts a range of innovative features such as a personal fitness tracker and heart rate sensor. Combined with your workout playlist on Deezer, it’s the perfect fitness companion.

Axel Dauchez, CEO of Deezer, said: “This is a momentous collaboration. Samsung is creating some of the most innovative devices around at the moment, while we’re offering the most intuitive and personalised music service there is. Together we are in a position to offer people the best music experience available.”

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5, simply register with Deezer using your credit/debit card to get 6 months of Premium+ for free. You may opt out at any time. The offer cannot be combined.

The partnership is being rolled-out across Europe and is available for all new Samsung customers in the following countries: UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Serbia.

Presenting… BIG Beatz Headphones by Deezer


Deezer is proud to announce that it is entering the headphone market with its own range of unique Deezer over-ear headphones; BIG Beatz by Deezer. With BIG Beatz, Deezer is committed to bringing music lovers the best possible listening experience.

Using innovative proportion enhancing technology, BIG Beatz give listeners a never-before-heard music listening experience, allowing them for the first time to listen to music without any outside ‘noise pollution’ at up to 200db.

Said Daisy Faro-Poll, SVP Aural Enhancement Technologies: “For too long, music enthusiasts have been unable to walk past several on-call emergency vehicles or directly beneath a low-flying squadron of military jet planes without having their music compromised. Why should audio lovers miss out on a second of their favourite music because of exterior noise? Don’t just put up with noise pollution – become the noise pollution!”


As well as the pioneering volume benefits that come with having headphones the size of a desk and the weight of a small horse, Deezer believes sound connoisseurs should be able to express themselves with their choice of headphones, just as they would a pair of trainers or hair style.

“We all communicate through fashion, whether we mean to or not. The choices a music aficionado makes when it comes to headphones says a lot about who they are. If you want to make a BIG fashion statement, then BIG Beatz are definitely the headphones for you.”


BIG Beatz by Deezer will retail at around £300. Please note: BIG Beatz may not be suitable for use in residential areas. 

SXSW 2014


While we’d love to have spent all our time at SXSW jumping up and down to the likes of Against Me! and Royal Blood, getting excited about sitting next to Spandau Ballet on the plane, and enjoying beers and BBQs under the Texan sun, we also had work to do! We took the opportunity to throw out a few thoughts on how we see the music world changing at a debate at the Austin Convention Centre.

Axel Dauchez, Deezer CEO, joined an illustrious panel of speakers including Scott Cohen, Founder of The Orchard, Daniel Glass, Founder and CEO of Glassnote Records – the label behind Phoenix and Mumford & Sons - and Claudio Vargas, VP of Digital for Sony Music Brazil.

Discussing “the new geography of the music world”, opinions varied - is the album dead? Have streaming services like Deezer become the new gateway to music discovery? Will artists be broken by radio, retail, or by the power of communities that may span the globe but who share common passions? Are we in the music business, the attention business, or in the business of creating emotion?

So many questions, so little time. The one thing we’ve taken away from it all is that the times, they are a’ changing. Oh, and that Daniel Glass feels our Deezer HQ in Paris is like a ‘great restaurant — you can just taste it and feel it’.

Speaking of which, time to don the shades, grab a margarita and get in line for some more beef…


Have a listen to our favourite artists at SXSW this year.

Deezer at the Mobile World Congress


We’ve been in sunny Barcelona, taking part in the madness that is the Mobile World Congress, and we took the opportunity to announce two partnerships.

Partnering with the GSMA in the launch of their Mobile Connect initiative, Deezer users will soon be able to log into their account simply using their mobile phone. Hooray for one less password to remember!

Axel Dauchez, CEO of Deezer, said at a GSMA press conference: “This new innovation from the GSMA is set to provide a much simpler experience for Deezer users, which means people can focus on what’s important to them – discovering great new music. With around 65 per cent of all music listened to on Deezer via a mobile phone, Mobile Connect will help provide music fans with a seamless mobile experience as well as increased convenience across other devices.”

Elsewhere at the Congress we announced that Deezer will be available on the new Nokia X. This low-cost smartphone from Nokia will mean that even more people will be able to enjoy unlimited music on their mobile, in tune with our mission to democratise access to music. Music for everyone, everywhere!



Fast typo-tolerant search on Deezer

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.11.01


We know how important it is to be able to find that perfect track instantly. That’s why we made it a priority to improve the search feature on Deezer. Now it doesn’t matter if you enter a typo or two, and auto-complete means that you can quickly identify what you’re looking for even if you don’t know an artist’s full name or the entire title of an album. Results are also now better displayed, with the most relevant results first, helping you get the music you want, faster.

Antoine Sinton, Head of Search at Deezer said: “Feedback from users indicated that a fast and efficient search feature was really important for a great experience on Deezer, so we have focused on making search lightening-fast and typo tolerant. We’re pretty happy with the results! Search is now up to 10x faster in certain situations, and we’re continuing to improve the feature with each day.”

Listening to a new release as soon as it comes out is one of the great benefits of being a Deezer subscriber, so we have also focused on improving the speed at which new music is indexed. This means that when we add new music to the Deezer catalogue, it appears in search results within an hour, if not instantly.

Note to developers: All of the above improvements also apply to apps built around the Deezer open API. Learn how to start building your own app over at the Deezer for Developers, and check out the incredible range of apps in the Deezer App Studio for inspiration.

5 Minutes Of Your Time: Cloud Control


Psychedelic pop quartet Cloud Control stopped by recently to record an exclusive stripped-back Deezer Session, so we fired a few questions at them to find out what influences them, and why they channelled Roy Orbison on their latest album Dream Cave.

Where are you right now and what have you been up to today?
We are all in Australia for the Laneway Festival at the moment; sweet line up, sunshine, big shows, enough said!

Your second album Dream Cave sounds more experimental than your debut – did you feel more open to new ideas and influences during the writing and recording?
Yeah we tried to not really think about what kind of an album we should or shouldn’t make, but go where the songs each took us. I guess we had more time to experiment too, not only with production but with the arrangements too.

You’ve said that “life influences you” – how have your lives changed since the first album?
I guess that’s a cheap way of saying everything influences us and that we are OK with and conscious of that.  We are a bit older now, we’ve done so much travelling, listening and playing that I guess it creates a melting pot of influence. Life has changed in a lot of ways, but we all still enjoy playing together which unites us.

You have described the title track as a song that “Roy Orbison would write if he was trapped in a cave.” Do you often use these kinds of imaginary scenarios to help you write?
This is something Al found helpful for this song. It’s a headspace thing, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and trying to imagine their point of view and feelings. I don’t think he does it too often though, I can’t recall another song actually.

You stripped your songs back to basics for your Deezer Session – do you enjoy being able to show your songs in a new light?
It is a good thing to do, to strip a song bare to just chords and melody. It is something we often do in the writing process so it is nice to let people peep through that window.

The dust has hardly settled on Dream Cave, but have you started thinking about what’s next?
We are touring constantly at the moment. A couple of us have moved cities. There is always talk of working on other musical interests. There are plans to write more Cloud Control material. Basically, we are figuring that out.

And finally, can you recommend us some new music that you’re enjoying at the moment?
We just finished a USA tour with an LA band called Body Parts supporting, check them out.

Watch Cloud Control’s Deezer Session here, and listen to the exclusive Deezer Session EP below.

Cloud Control Deezer Session


Psychedelic Aussie quartet Cloud Control’s latest album Dream Cave was a near-perfect example of luscious, multi-layered ambient pop. In this exclusive Deezer Session, however, their songs are stripped back to basics, revealing a more lo-fi side to the band.

Watch Cloud Control’s session above, and see all previous Sessions here. You can also listen to the exclusive Deezer Session EP below.


Icelandic band Mono Town on finding success through music streaming

MONOTOWN_strakur_final_BW_12x12_II (1)

With their debut singles released exclusively on Deezer in November achieving nearly a million streams in just two months, we’re proud to be supporting seriously talented Icelandic band, Mono Town. We caught up with the band about what we can expect with their debut album ‘In The Eye Of The Storm’, released next week on Deezer, and about how interacting with fans online is crucial to their success. Expect big things in 2014!


You’re releasing your first album soon, exclusively on Deezer. What can we expect in terms of themes and sounds compared to ‘Jackie O’?

More of adventurous and exciting sounds and heart-wrenching melodies. Some surprising turns and epic endings. To sum it up, the soundtrack of our lives.

You worked with Michael Brauer who is certainly not a newcomer when it comes to mixing albums (Coldplay, Dylan, McCartney, The Vaccines). How do you think your album benefited from this collaboration?

It was great and an honour working with Michael Brauer and his staff. A very fun guy and a real professional. He knows how to emphasise the important details of music and always has his focus on the end result. We approached him for a reason, and he didn’t let us down.

What inspires you?

Great authentic music, exciting textures, beautiful melodies and life in general.

How do you discover new music?

We have some resources through friends and so on. But popping open a bottle of red wine, putting our headphones on, logging in to Deezer and surfing, that’s our preferred choice.

How important is your online presence to you and your fans, and what do you do to maintain it?

Online presence is very important to us. It is the vehicle that allows us to build new relationships with our fans and also create new ones. It is important to acknowledge the fans because they allow the band to exist and while there is no secret method, we feel it is important to keep building material online and allow listeners to have a glimpse into our thoughts and artistic process.

The collaboration between Deezer and Mono Town has shown what’s possible in terms of music streaming services promoting new artists. How did it help you?

For every young unsigned band it is very important to be helped reaching out to as wide an audience as possible. Deezer is doing exactly that. For people, for example in Brazil, to be able to discover and listen to an unknown band from Iceland is incredible for us. As our fan base grows so will our online presence. Bands tend to look at other options as the “right” options in regards of distributing their music. Together with Deezer, we’ve done something completely different. Thinking outside the box can sometimes be a very good thing.

Apart from yourselves, what other band should we keep an eye on in 2014?

Caveman. They recently released their second album called Caveman. We actually met them in Iceland while they were performing an off venue gig at KEX Hostel for the Seattle based radio station KEXP. They are New York based and were touring Europe for the first time. Their album is very good and they seemed to be honest and hard working. And we like that. And if things go right for them, they could be in for a good year. So check them out …after you’ve listened to our new album ‘In The Eye Of The Storm’ of course.

What album are you listening to right now?

Histoire De Melody Nelson by Serge Gainsbourg. We’re getting in to the right mood for our up-coming Paris trip.

Do you already have plans for a tour?

We’re playing in Paris as a part of a festival called Air D´Islande at Le Point Ephémère on February 1st. And then we have other plans ongoing but nothing we can reveal now unfortunately, so stay tuned for more news on or


Thanks for the insightful interview and bon voyage for your Paris gig!

UPDATE: Listen Mono Town’s debut album ‘In The Eye Of The Storm’ below, exclusively on Deezer.