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    It’s here! Say hello to our new iPad app.

    Our new & revamped iPad app has arrived! We now have one universal app to use on both your iPhone and iPad. iPad users, you can now enjoy the following features: – Flow: a custom mix based on your tastes – Hear This: your personalised feed of album, track, playlist and mix recommendations from our editors based your tastes With its simple ...

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    Word Up! Deezer launches podcasts

    This week we are very pleased to announce the arrival of podcasts on Deezer, offering over 20,000 shows across news, entertainment and sport. Available immediately in France, UK and Sweden (with more countries being added very soon), Deezer listeners can now listen to a mammoth amount of shows from top-notch podcasts such as progressive online magazine Slate, Monocle 24, The Financial Times, ...

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    It’s time to #GetMusicRight!

    Now you can stop mumbling along to your favorite songs with Deezer’s lyrics feature. Getting the music right has never been easier! To celebrate, tweet us your favorite songs with #GetMusicRight, we’ll choose the best suggestions everyday and Vine them for you using the song lyrics! #GetMusicRright ...

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    Track by track breakdown of Sonic Highways

    Foo Fighters‘ eighth studio album Sonic Highways is out this week – and it’s their most ambitious project to date. Recorded in eight different cities across the USA, each track pays homage to the city in which it was recorded, including New Orleans, New York and Nashville. In this blog, from the UK editors, we take a look at each track on the album ...

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    Exclusive Kyary Pamyu Pamyu app

      Today sees the release of “Pika Pika Fatajin”, the third album from J-Pop sensation Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ). An idol in her native Japan, the “Harajuku Pop Princess” started out as a fashion blogger and model and has spent the past 3 years rising to the top of the charts in Asia and beyond. To celebrate this release we’ve created a ...

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    Deezer Young Guns 2014 Results

      And the results are in! Deezer Young Guns is an international competition to highlight brilliant emerging artists from around the world. Our Editors selected 27 local artists they thought deserved recognition, and from those, 4 finalists were chosen by a Deezer panel to be featured on the Young Guns app. It was then up to you, lovely Deezer users, to decide the winner by listening, favouriting, ...

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    Cloud Control Deezer Session

      Psychedelic Aussie quartet Cloud Control’s latest album Dream Cave was a near-perfect example of luscious, multi-layered ambient pop. In this exclusive Deezer Session, however, their songs are stripped back to basics, revealing a more lo-fi side to the band. Watch Cloud Control’s session above, and see all previous Sessions here. You can also listen to the exclusive Deezer Session EP below.   ...

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    Little Green Cars Deezer Session

    If, like us, luscious group harmonies make you go all weak at the knees, you’d better find somewhere to sit before you watch this new Deezer Session with Little Green Cars. Featuring three songs from their debut album Absolute Zero, as well as a gorgeous stripped-back cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘I’m On Fire’, this intimate session sees the Dublin-based five-piece really playing to their ...

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    Deezer Sessions with Phoenix and James Blunt

    Today we’re excited to share two exclusive Deezer Sessions with you, this time from legendary French electro-rock quartet Phoenix, and from one of the most successful UK singer-songwriters, James Blunt. Recorded at our Paris HQ, the relaxed session from Phoenix was a hit with Deezer staff, with Phoenix performing stripped-down versions of tracks from their 2013 album Bankrupt! along with the classic “1901”. ...

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    It’s time to #GetMusicRight!

    Now you can stop mumbling along to your favorite songs with Deezer’s lyrics feature. Getting the music right has never been easier! To celebrate, tweet us your favorite songs with #GetMusicRight, we’ll choose the best suggestions everyday and Vine them for you using the song lyrics! #GetMusicRright ...

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    Unmask our Halloween playlist today…

    Dare to be different this Halloween? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’re treating you to a very special playlist… We are dedicating the day to those spooky bands and artists who dress up all year round. Why? Well, because anyone who wears a mouse head 24hrs a day 365 days of the year deserves to be celebrated in our ...

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    Deezer’s Alternative Eurovision

    Love it or hate it, the biggest international song competition is coming to a television near you this weekend. If you’re hoping to escape the kitsch-fest, we have the perfect antidote. Our European Editors have assembled some of the best music coming out of Hungary, Austria, Greece and beyond in our own Alternative Eurovision playlist. The playlist of 23 tracks highlights some ...

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    Legendary Kylie Minogue helps Deezer predict Australia’s score in the Eurovision Song Contest

    It’s that time of the year, you’ve been avoiding pesky phone calls from those friends who’ll find any excuse to celebrate, you’ve cursed your Twitter feed until your mouth was dry and desperately tried to find other plans for your Saturday night (does dropping off the face of the Earth count?). But you know, deep down in your heart, that when that ...

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    Notice something new on Deezer?  Introducing Mixes.

    Whether you’re getting ready for a night out or chillaxing at home, Deezer has the right mix for you. A mix is, like the name suggests, a mix of songs from your personal library and recommended songs, for a given theme. It’s like your Flow but focused on a mood or a genre. Like your Flow, it takes your skips, likes and dislikes ...

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    Simple Minds: Thinking Clearly in HD

    A new remastered version of the Simple Minds classic, Sparkle in the Rain, is now available to stream in HD on Deezer Elite. To celebrate Simple Minds have made Deezer this exclusive playlist of all their own favourite tracks. Charlie Burchill has given us some insight into why some of the tracks hold a special place in their heart. Today I Died Again Charlie: I never ...

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    What does music look like to you? The competition winners

    Last month we got together with the guys over at EyeEm to host a unique mission, we wanted you to share photos that show us what music looks like to you. And, as predicted, you impressed us! Thank you for all your amazing photos, we loved looking through all of the entries. We had some really great shots that captured music in ...

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    What does music look like to you? – WIN with Deezer and EyeEm

    We need you! Deezer is on a mission to discover what music looks like – are you up for the challenge? We’re partnering with EyeEm, the hottest photo sharing mobile app, to give you the chance to win a pair of super cool Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 headphones and a Deezer Premium+ 6 month music subscription. The lucky winner will be ...

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    Deezer #Vineception. 10 days, 10 Vines, 1 Vine series!

    How do you listen? Share your experience of music in 6 seconds! Everyone has their own relationship to music. You might listen on the bus, in the park messing about with your friends, or in the shower duetting with your favourite artists. However you listen to music, tell the world in a Vine video for the chance to win unlimited music on ...

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