Code In The Dark

IMG_20130927_211952Last night Deezer HQ played host to Code in The Dark, an incredible night of coding, prizes, and high spirits, fuelled by endless food, beer, and energy drinks.

The idea behind the event, organised by Tictail and The Rude Baguette, was for front-end developers to put their coding skills to the test by building replicas of various sites. The catch was that they had to implement their designs without any code-preview or use of a browser, i.e. completely in the dark. The winners were the team who created the closest replica, decided by the loudest cheers from the audience.

While the coding was over by 11:30pm, the after-party was just getting started. We had legendary DJs playing all night and the last hard-core hackers trailed home around 2am. Code In The Dark was a night we certainly won’t forget.

We’re also tempted to keep the fluorescent lighting as a permanent fixture at Deezer HQ. Glow in the dark FTW!


Code in the Dark from Tictail on Vimeo.

Enjoy Deezer wirelessly with DTS Play-Fi™

We know you want to listen to your music anywhere, without being limited by wires. So today we are excited to announce that Deezer is available on the DTS Play-Fi™ app for Android. Now you can experience lossless, whole-home audio over a standard Wi-Fi network by streaming your favourite music from your Android device to Play-Fi enabled products.

“We see Play-Fi as a global technology and this partnership with Deezer, the preeminent music service in over 180 countries, solidifies the technology’s position as a leading wireless solution worldwide. Play-Fi is at the heart of a growing ecosystem of whole-home audio products that consumers are using to enjoy music from all of their personal devices.  Our goal is to give them the broadest range of music choices, and Deezer is a tremendous addition to the platform.” - Brian Towne, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, DTS.

“This partnership is a really exciting step, not just for us, but for the millions of music fans who want access to their favourite tracks and playlists anywhere in the house. By integrating with Play-Fi technology, music lovers the world over will get the high quality audio they expect from DTS, complete with the full Deezer experience – 25 million tracks, over 500,000 radio channels and, of course, handpicked recommendations from our team of editors all over the world. ” - Clément Cézard, Deezer’s Chief Business Development Officer.

Download the DTS Play-Fi™ app and enjoy your favourite music on Deezer in clear, compelling high-definition audio.

Welcome Deezer Turkey!

Today we are thrilled to announce that we have officially launched in Turkey! Now Turkish music fans will be able to enjoy unlimited music on Deezer, along with expert recommendations of the best local and international music from the Deezer Editors.

CEO of Deezer, Axel Dauchez, said: “Turkey has an exceptionally interesting music market, and the evolving digital infrastructures and mobile uptake in the region offer hugely exciting growth potential for our service. Music should transcend political and geographical boundaries in its ability to bring people together. Deezer is about bringing music to the whole world; music for everyone, everywhere regardless of the old distribution networks. This is why I am delighted to finally announce that as of today, Turkish music lovers from around the world will be able to enjoy and share a huge catalogue of international and local songs and artists they love – at home and abroad.

Deezer is a legal service that has secured rights from more than 2,000 labels and rights management companies from all over the world. This is something we take incredibly seriously, which is why we have spent time and resources in Turkey to do things the right way. Today we have finalised the necessary agreements with the right-holders associations. Now we are happy to be operational in a total of 182 countries. I welcome Turkey to the heart of music.”

Selen Zorlu, Deezer General Manager for Turkey, underlined the importance of providing Turkish music fans with a brand new musical experience: “We have been working towards launching in the Turkish market for the past 9 months. Today, following the agreements we signed with MSG and MESAM, we are immensely happy to officially present Deezer Turkey to all music fans in Turkey. We will be serving our ever-growing local catalogue and the music content curated and constantly updated by our large team of editors through our reasonably priced subscription offers. In addition, we are delivering the works of all new artists that are added to our local catalogue into our worldwide catalogue of over 25 million songs, therefore helping them to reach a much wider global audience, without any barriers.”

MSG Board Chairman Garo Mafyan published a statement wishing success for Deezer and added: “As MSG – the biggest representative of popular Turkish catalogue – we are very happy to see Deezer in the Turkish digital music market. We are confident that Deezer will dearly value the catalogue that MSG represents and will pay all royalties. Being sure that the local music market will benefit greatly by this venture, I would like to say welcome once again.”

In his statement, the MESAM Board Chairman Arif Sağ said: “We congratulate the legal digital music service provider Deezer with regards to its launch of service in compliance with Turkish royalties, and hope that this initiative proves beneficial to the music industry.”

Tour the Turkish music scene with our playlist of tracks curated by Arda, one of our Turkish Editors.



Smart TVs just got smarter

PR V2 - Panasonic tv


If you’re thinking of buying a Smart TV then we have good news for you. Deezer will soon be available on Smart TVs from Panasonic, Philips, and through our partnership with global Smart TV portal operator NetRange, on manufacturers like Loewe, TCL Thomson, Sharp and Vestel.

We’ve also upgraded what you can do with Deezer on LG and Samsung Smart TVs. Through the Deezer app, you can now access your friends’ playlists, play your favourite tracks in shuffle mode, better manage your music library and enjoy an enhanced search feature, making it even easier to discover great new music.

Following the launch of these new integrations at the IFA Berlin event this week, Clément Cézard, Deezer’s Chief Business Development Officer said, “Smart TV sales will hit 87m in 2013. They are fast becoming the core of the home entertainment set up and by partnering up with all these great TV brands – each synonymous with providing outstanding home entertainment experiences – we are able to give music fans access to their favourite tracks and 25million more waiting to be discovered.”

Deezer available wirelessly with NuVo

NuVo screenshot 2Our ongoing mission to unleash music everywhere just got a boost. We’re thrilled to now be available on the NuVo Wireless Audio System. The technology delivers high-fidelity sound performance, and a flexible design for both wireless and wired configurations. So whether you’re chilling in the garden or cooking up a feast in the kitchen, the soundtrack to your life will be in astonishing sound quality.

“This partnership with Deezer will benefit our international customers tremendously. Deezer is a wonderful service for both the quantity and quality of content it provides, and its availability stretches to an impressive majority of the world. Streaming Deezer through our Wireless Audio System echoes our ongoing commitment to always providing more of the music users love, anywhere and everywhere. We’re delighted by this addition.” – David Rodarte, NuVo’s Vice President and General Manager.

“With more and more people wanting their homes decked out for sound, this partnership will allow music fans to listen to their favourite tracks and playlists in every room of the house. Through the integration with NuVo’s Wireless Audio System, music lovers in over 180 countries can experience high quality audio as well as the very best of Deezer  - that means 25 million tracks, over 500,000 radio channels and of course, handpicked recommendations from our team of editors all over the world.” - Clément Cézard, Deezer’s Chief Business Development Officer.

When you buy a NuVo system, Deezer will come as standard, and is available to existing NuVo customers via a free software update.

The Clash Sound System

500x500-000000-80-0-0 (2)

The Clash Sound System is the first ever collection of all the recorded works from The Clash, conceived and collected by the band themselves. Featuring all the hits including London Calling, The Guns of Brixton, Should I Stay or Should I Go, White Riot, it’s their legacy, celebrating the era when they set the world alight. This release serves to re-introduce the world to the “only band that matters”, as they were dubbed in their day.

Explore the band’s newly remastered 5 seminal studio albums in their original 8-disc format, a further 3 discs featuring demos, non-album singles, rarities, and B-sides. When the band began remastering they discovered whole sections that had been previously been missed from tape heads, so you’ll hear parts that have never been heard before.

This is a significant and unique collection of the complete works from one of the most influential British bands of the 20th century. Explore The Clash Sound System here.

Get stuck in with our playlist of favourite hits from The Clash.

SXSW – The new geography of the music world

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 16.44.45

Here at Deezer we’re enthralled by the power of the internet to enhance the reach of artists and labels, opening up a world of potential music fans. We’ve organised a panel discussion on the topic for SXSW 2014, bringing together leaders in the industry alongside Deezer CEO Axel Dauchez and one of this year’s most exciting emerging international artists.

“The new geography of the music world” will discuss how technology is breaking down global barriers within the music industry. The panel will address the pros and cons of going beyond traditional western markets that once dominated the industry, the reasons why change is necessary, and how developing markets and their artists might offer the key to the future of the industry.

Go to the SXSW PanelPicker to cast your vote for our panel!

Our very own Justin Erdman, Managing Director of Deezer Canada, will also be talking at SXSW, discussing his experience of expanding Deezer in a new country. See you there!

Perfect summer playlists


Summer’s here and we’ve got more sizzling tunes than you can shake an ice-cream-on-a-stick at.

Our Editors around the world have collected summer classics to get you in the mood, whether the sun is shining outside or not. And if you’re heading somewhere exotic, swap the in-flight entertainment for summery music discovery.

From Argentina to Australia, Brazil to Great Britain, discover the sounds of summer around the world. Which Editor is going with you on your holidays?

Deezer Music Poster Factory

We have reached 2 million Facebook fans and we’re truly grateful to every single one of you for supporting Deezer! To say thanks we are giving away over 80 prizes to our fans. All you have to do is show us how much you love music with your very own music poster.

Let your imagination run wild in the Deezer Music Poster Factory and win top prizes including top-of-the-range headphones, speakers, and Deezer Premium+ subscriptions.

Music sounds better with you

How it works:
- Pick a poster template.
- Add your own catchy text. Original and witty posters are sure to get most votes.
- Choose a colour and pick an illustration. All drawings are by kick-ass illustrator Mcbess.
- Create your poster and see it in the poster gallery. You can make as many posters as you like.*
- Share with your friends, and receive votes.

We’re all music fans here at Deezer and we’ve put together prizes that would be on any music lover’s wish list. The posters with the most votes will win one of the following:

A Parrot Zikmu Solo wireless stereo tower speaker (999$). Fusing extraordinary sound with timeless design, the tower offers a power of 100W RMS.
5 Simple Audio Listen Bluetooth speakers (499$). Beautifully designed to deliver audio that takes your breath away.
10 Parrot Zik wireless headphones (399$). Stunning sound from the powerful Digital Sound Processor, active noise cancelling, and the “Parrot Concert Hall” effect.
15 Simple Audio Go Portable Mini Bluetooth Speakers (99$). Wireless and rechargeable, the speakers work with almost any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet.
50 3-month Deezer Premium+ subscriptions. All the music you love, in an instant, without limits.
*Prizes limited to one per contestant.
A big thanks goes out to our friends at Simple Audio, Parrot, Tigerlily, and you -our fans- who helped make this come true.

Unleash your creativity and show us what music means to you!

Ayo on music that comes from the soul

ayo3When the beautiful soul singer Ayo came to Deezer HQ recently, we sat down for a chat about her new album, her inspirations, and her roots in rap.

Soul has remained a popular genre over the decades. How do you explain this longevity?

I believe that everything that comes from the soul is timeless and this is true for all the music of this era, the 60s and 70s, from Jimi Hendrix to Bob Marley. All that is “real” is timeless, and I think at that time artists were not afraid of their emotions and that’s why it still affects people today.

You were born to a Nigerian father and a Romanian mother and you have lived in Hamburg, London, New York, and Paris. Where is home to you?

Today I like to define myself as a citizen of the world. It’s important to not forget where you come from, but I don’t find it neccessary to say “I’m American, German and Nigerian”. We should all say that we’re cosmopolitan and not necessarily be proud to come from a country in particular. We should all be proud to be citizens of the world.

It’s a bit like your music, without borders?

That is a huge compliment, thank you!

You gave birth to your first child almost at the same time as you released your first album. How did you come through that as an artist?

It was like being in a dream. The most important thing for me at the time was the birth of my son. As for the album, I didn’t think it would even be released! So it was like a bonus. But today I am happy to be making music.

Your 4th album will be released in a few months, and we’ve already heard an extract of the first single “Fire.” After a soul/folk sound, the track hints at rap music. Will your new album take this direction?

For all my albums I’ve never taken just one direction and it’s not something that appeals to me. People assume this track indicates a new style, but it doesn’t! You should know that before singing, I was a rapper. The public has only seen me with my guitar and my voice. I didn’t think that I would one day be a singer, I just thought I’d rap! So “Fire” is a bit of a homecoming. I don’t want to say that my style is soul or reggae or hip-hop, instead it’s what I feel or allude to at certain times of my life.

What is the track or album you have on repeat right now?

I couldn’t stop listening to “Get free” by Major Lazer but now my son can’t stand it anymore! Otherwise I always listen to Citizen Cope.

Deezer addict or not?

I’m not addicted to anything except chocolate! But when I’m looking for music, I always go on Deezer!

Interview by Sophie Samama and Sandrine Cariven.

And here is “Sunny” by Ayo.